Teaching Special Features

1 .Upholding martial arts and advocating morality— Educating people with moral integrity and purifying souls.

 “Chinese Kung Fu” is a traditional and cultural treasure of the Chinese nation as well as the magic culture pursued and admired internationally. The charm of martial arts is due to its deep cultural connotation. Now, Chinese martial arts have been spreading across the world with the development of globalization.

If you want to practice martial arts well, you must understand martial arts morality. Only those who possess excellent moral characters can have a positive heart and a clearer, broad and unselfish mind. As such, they are capable of abandoning all distracting thoughts and external disturbances to practice hard and focus on exploring the essence of martial arts. Thus “upholding martial arts and advocating morality” is regarded as the basic principle of our academy as well as the characteristic of operations— all the students studying in Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy will first get spiritual purification and will be unified by the great cultural value, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or origin.

2.Combination of Practice and Application and Sparring— emphasizing the applications whilst always remembering the basics.

Traditional martial arts are the fighting techniques developed by ancient people for survival in battles with bare hands or with weapons. It consists of kicking, striking, take downs, catching grappling, etc. It achieves the purpose of self-defense, improvement of physical fitness and the cultivation of will-power. It does so, by way of forms and methods of resistance: attack and defense techniques of bare hands and weapons. Therefore, martial arts never separate from combat; its first aim is to spar to achieve the capacity of self-defense. Martial arts without fighting can’t be  real martial arts;

application and combat skills

Practicing kung fu applications skills into real combat and we attach importance to actual combat training for the students in need.

Since the founding of our academy, we have been based on the tradition of never losing the basics. In martial arts teaching, we require every master to not only teach students every movement and every form well, but to also teach them the meaning of the attacks and defense methods as well as the cultural connotation behind the movements. We are dedicated to helping every student to achieve this purpose: learning the external forms, understanding their spirit and truly experiencing the awe of martial arts.

3. Rich Content— Abundant Blows and Emphasizing the tradition

 The curriculum of our academy includes several known fist forms in China: Shaolin fist and weapons, Wudang Kung Fu, Taichi and weapons, Winchun, Baji fist, Mantis, Xingyi, Bagua, Plum and Sanda etc.

In addition, students in our academy may learn many kinds of traditional style, such as Baduanjin, Yijinjing, Neijinyizhichan and Hongsha Hand as well as a high level internal Chigong–kinkongligong.

All the fist forms and the Chigong come from their original birthplaces and their pure inheritors, embodying their conventional feature in teaching and learning. For example, our Chen style Taichi master Xudelin went to the original place of Taichi-Chenjiagou, Wenxian, HeNan province many times for further learning. Wingchun fist and Baji fist master Guo went to the birthplace of Baji fist- Cangzhou of HeBei province many times to seek original Baji as well as going to GuangDong province to stay about 7 years to pursue the original Wingchun essence. Furthermore, headmaster and vice headmaster Guo are the 24th generation of authentic disciples of Chinese traditional internal exercises Jingangligong. Headmaster is also the well accomplished disciple of Shaolin temple’s abbot -Shi YongXin.In addition, the school offers extra lessons like mandarin, acupuncture, massage, calligraphy, Taoist and Buddhist theory, allowing the students to get a further comprehension of Chinese culture while they train.

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 Ceremony for students who achieved Master Certificate (More than One Year course)

4. Scientific Training——focus on the results and the training both internal and external styles.

The headmaster, vice headmaster and most of the other masters start training at a young age and have rich experience with teaching martial arts. Combined with the body characteristics of foreign students, they make high-efficiency and scientific teaching way from their many years of training experience: training with both internal and external systems, power and skill, sparring and forms, technique and theory, unified syllabus and teaching students according to their aptitudes. They teach both martial art training and traditional culture. Teaching by personal examinations as well as verbal instruction, inspiring with encouragement, practicing with grading and testing with competition.

Every master always teaches through these teaching methods, making sure their high teaching qualities are maximized in use. Even when old masters leave and new masters come, new masters can still keep the school’s syllabus to teach students, always keeping high quality training.

We have specific plans for students who have different aims here. For example, the students who are interested in kickboxing will be given additional Sanda and application training, as well as additional internal exercises and conditioning practice, to help them get more explosive power and resistance. Through the training of internal exercise, the students can heal themselves at the same time; for the older students who prefer keeping in good health & fitness compared to kickboxing, the master will arrange for them to do more Chigong and Taichi, using the soft and peaceful martial art forms and internal exercises (including static and dynamic). These two systems in conjunction can work well.

5. Rich Master Resource——morality and skills, training and teaching

All the masters in our academy are masters in different fist styles and national champions and selected by the headmaster very seriously. After testing their techniques, moral character, a probation period, and earning all the staff’s and students’ recognition, then ,they can stay in the school. Besides the good kungfu Skills, they must have effective training methods and honorable virtue as well.

6. Humanistic Teaching—respect teachers and love students, making a harmonious environment.

There are ancient words in China: the first is teacher, life long is father. Martial arts practitioners will take a kind person as their master, study modestly, respect masters and promote traditional virtues of kung fu. As far as traditional Confucianism concerns, respecting masters and attending to the principles of traditional martial arts in the cultivation of kung fu education. Therefore, respecting masters and showing love & care to students is a part of Chinese traditional martial arts culture. In order to better inherit Chinese kungfu, our school requests that masters and translators to care for international students who come a long way to China from home, and may meet many differences. When this happens, all masters and translators are their relatives who are pleased to help them and accomplish their training schedule.

At China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy, there is a mutual respect between masters and students, making this school a harmonious training and living environment.

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