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Blog from VALENTIN JEANDOT (France)  Two Year Kung Fu  Course

What martial arts and kunyu mountain academy brought you? And how will it help you to pursuit your goals?

I firstly came to Kunyushan 7 years ago just to have a break from my studies. When i went back to it, i realised that i didn't want to pursuit my business studies but i rather continue to learn more about Chinese martial arts.

From that statement, i decided to come back to kunyu mountain for 1 and half year.

What i found in Kunyushan and under my shifu's training are valors that i truly respect.Humility,Kindness,Brotherhood,Respect and over all, helping each other to better ourselves.It made and still make me happy to practise wing chun and tai chi.

That's why Chinese Martial Arts and especially master guo Kung fu style will help me to pursuit my goal. Which is to teach Chinese martial arts in order to help people to improve themselves, to achieve greatness and to find true happiness.


from Mikkel (Denmark) -One Year course

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 Facebook:Mikkel Aalund Pedersen

After training Kung Fu in Kunyu mountain academy for a long time I've come to realize many things. One thing is that if a simple person like myself can train martial arts and become good at it then anybody can. Which has made me understand that no matter who I meet in life they could also be good at fighting or even better and this has given me a lot of humility. I've always been really lazy but very competitive but here I've gained the discipline to keep improving for my own sake, not because I have to be better than someone else. This is good for the soul. 

 A big part of me that has changed is also my health. Doing hard training and Qi Gong my body is in good condition and my mind is very peaceful. Learning to breathe is actually one of the best things I've done for myself. 

Before I came here I used to drink and smoke a lot but now I found a big happiness in being connected to my body. Baji and Wing Chun has helped me understand that you cannot always only do one thing - both for fighting and in life. If a power is stronger then you must became flexible and use that power against them. If you need to use power you must be relaxed first. You cannot be powerful all the time then you will break. You  cannot be flexible all the time then you lose direction. We must be able to adapt to all situations with wisdom, knowledge and experience. Also being a monitor and helping other students learn basic techniques I have learned to be more patient. Everyone learns at a different pace. It is very satisfying when someone learns fast but there is also great virtue in helping a slow learner. Because you put in more effort to teach them there is also greater joy when they understand it.I also got a haircut. 

What influence it  gonna give me for my future life :One of the reasons I came here is because I want to do action scenes in movies and on stage (theater) so hopefully this will aid me in the career path I'm already on (acting). Most importantly is the discipline to keep practicing. 

I've always been good at learning something new, but whenever it became hard I would start learning something else. But now I understand that no matter how much talent you have, only hard work and discipline will help you reach your goals. And this is why I will work harder towards my dreams and not just be lazy hoping it will all work out.

By: Nadine Sabbagh from Germany - 15 Months course

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Which benefits did you get from martial arts after 1 year of training here?

Strong and flexible body, more resistent to external influences

Mind got strengthened and calm

Found connection between mind and body through qi gong

Gained willpower

Gained perseverance

Learned to show respect to all people (masters, students, workstuff, everyone)

Got more patient towards circumstances in life

Learned to have trust in the chinese heritage Kung fu

Learned to take over responsibility and be honest with the people around me

Learned that martial arts and discipline is everywhere, not only in training. 

What do you say to people who don’t believe in qi because they cant see it in their bodies?

You cannot see qi in bodies because it is electromagnetic energy and therefore invisible. You can only feel and guide qi in your body. There is also qi outside of our bodies, which manifests as heat and light. This kind of qi is sometimes visible.

Ramy Mohammed Kandil, (Egypt and USA),Study length: Two Years course


What are the main differences you have noticed between eastern and western martial arts?

In the west the time it takes to learn a martial art is shorter and more optimized. Allowing for practitioners to achieve a high rank in a shorter period. This optimization is in line with the often western mindset of consumerism. The craving for immediate results can cause much disappointment to those who are used to short term satisfaction. They often compare themselves to students who have been practicing for years and wonder why they are unable to produce the same results. This frequently leads to students quitting early on, due to either disappointment, frustration, or boredom.

Western martial arts are also highly concerned with the practical and generally disregard room for ritual, and less practical practices that may be present in their eastern counterparts.

In the east there seems to be a greater respect for the amount of time it takes to truly learn a martial art. Eastern martial arts will generally take longer to achieve a high rank. Mainly requiring years of training. That is assuming that the individual is regularly practicing multiple times a week, pushing themselves toward their goal. Eastern martial arts also emphasize the concept of loyalty, honor, respect, and perseverance. Loyalty and respect to the martial art and to one’s place of practice and master are key components in the practice.

Both western and eastern martial arts have great merit and training techniques. Easily improving discipline, fitness, and overall health; but there are some major differences. These differences can affect the entire training regimen and lead to the overall perception of the art itself.

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