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                        Hundreds of Positive Reviews from our students listed below:

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      Our Shaolin kung fu school in China is the most welcoming martial arts school in the country. Since we opened our Shaolin school in 2004, we have had more than 3500 foreign students (including family groups) from around the world learn kung fu and get their certificates here. 

Our students come from the following countries: UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, Czech, Dubai, Denmark, Cyprus, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, India, Italy, Indonesia, Iceland, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey, Panama, Tunisia, Vietnam, Mauritius, Botswana, Tanzania, and more.In addition to that, our students have commented on the high standard of Kung Fu training and comfortable environment and beautiful scenery of the mountain here.u[See video of our surrounding area  is incredibly beautiful] .After running our Shaolin kung fu school for 15 years, we are more dedicated than ever to improving our martial arts academy in China and making it the absolute best place to learn everything from kung fu to the art of Chi. We set our standards high to give students an incredible experience that affords them a unique set of skills unmatched by many. To learn more about the student experience at our Shaolin kung fu school in China, we invite you to read the student reviews below.

Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial arts academy Group photo

Group Photo in July 2017 including Ten Kung fu masters and Five English Translators.

On this page you can read kung fu training experiences written by our students with additional photos on each personal page. Each student gets a certificate from the school that lists all the things what they learnt.Each year the school usually organized some of students to participate traditional international martial arts competitions and got excellent records.

We also can help students who want to work in China for a long time after finished the training here.Since we cooperated with Chinese international Job association.Once you meet the qualifications: Native English speaker,Comprehensive high quality person with Bachelor's degree,you'll get a very good normal job to teach in biggest modern city of Guangzhou with about 10000 RMB each month salary with social insurances and one month holiday with salary.

Students' Reviews and Testimonial 

Isabelle Fournier (Canada, Québec) Nine months training here.

I went in China to the Kunyu mountain Academy  because I was looking for a one-of-a-kind personal development and an artistic way of practising sports. My experience at the Kunyu mountain academy has certainly helped me to develop an incredible personal discipline in many ways: physical,artistical, psychological and mental. The warm welcome by the interpreters, the quality of the teaching, the masters’ wisdom and the student culture altogether made this journey way better than in my expectations. Everyday made me discover my inner energy, which influences more martial arts than does the muscles development. There, I learnt the importance of linking my mental capabilities to my gesture while practicing several styles: Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun, Baji and Bagua. Moreover, my most amazing discovery about martial arts was Baji, a style too little known in the world. I literally fell in love with this deep experience of great beauty and great power. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in many performances and competitions to present this martial art. Really, it has been an honor to have the chance to participate in these activities that made my journey so unique and that helped me feel my master’s recognition towards my efforts. The masters have a huge respect for who we are and what we need, and they know how to interact with every one of us. Their sense of humor brightened my training. Thanks to them, after nine months of training, I feel really more balanced, in control of myself, in very good shape, more confident, happier, and more conscious about the energy that goes around, in me and between each one of us. Everything in the Academy helps us focus more than ever on our practice of martial arts so that we can find our own way and have support to do so. This is why my stay at the Academy became an important experience in my life.[Learn more about our Shaolin Masters Isabelle  speak of] .

Training at the Kunyu mountain is so revitalizing, so inspiring and so healthy for our soul. It is worth a long stay. I personally think that it is after three or four months that I was able to really feel the big difference brought by a daily strict training, and that I really understood the whole non-verbal education of the masters. Indeed, the masters of this academy are definitely role models that mark a life. They teach us simply with who they are, and not only with what they do. During the whole stay, we discover at which point the quality of martial arts depends on our inner life, and not only on our physical movements. By the way, I think it is essential to participate to the Tai Chi and Qigong classes before breakfast. In fact, everything brings us to take a fresh look on our life. I will never forget my journey at the Academy since it is now part of me and since the learning I acquired thanks to my masters will still continue to influence my decisions. master Guo, who was my Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun, Sanda, and Baji master during the last nine months, is certainly one of the most important people I have met until now. Another Wing Chun master also played a significant role with his strong presence while I was learning Wing Chun and Baji, and with his incredible wisdom. My first Tai Chi master and  Bagua master, also has an important part of my recognition, just like master Gao and master Chen, who are all kind and inspiring people.I would like to thank everyone of them. Thank you also to the interpreters, who are like real mothers, and to the adorable staff members.Click here to see her blog in French

Kunyu mountain Shaolin kung fu school Review


2018 Year Students' Reviews and testimonial 

Logan Simkins( One Year Course) 

Felix (one Month course)


Shaolin &Sanda&Taichi
&Chikung Class
Alana Becker( One Year Course) 

Caroline Herman (one Month course)

Damien Battistin(Three Years course)

Shaolin &Sanda&Tai Chi
&Chikung Class
Josh Meredith
Jackson Gledhill
Wing chun&Taichi& Chikung Class
Deepak Family

RACHAEL(Four month course)

Jones Reeve (Six Months course)

Shaolin &Sanda&Taiji&Chikung Class
Jenson  Callejon (Three month course)

Pranit Sanghavi (Five and half-month course)

Wingchun &Baji&

Taiji&Chikung Class

2017 Year Students' testimonial 

Emir Kadrolli
 (Six Months course)

 DenmarkShaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class
 (One Year course)

 IndonesiaShaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class
Hedley Hall
 (One Year course)

 UKShaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class
Leven and Yuval
 (Seven weeks,Nine months course)

Shaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class
The couple  
(Luke and Rachel)

AustraliaShaolin &Chikung Class
Ramy Mohammed Kandil
(Nine month training)

GreeceShaolin &Sanda&Taichi Class
An Vi Quoc Nguyen

DenmarkShaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class

Three Years Course

FranceWing chun&Chikung &Baji Class
Returning student

Thibaut Salence  

BelgiumShaolin &Sanda&Chikung Class
Second to Come. 

SwitzerlandShaolin & internal ones Class
(Six month course) 

UKShaolin &Tai Chi  & Chi kung Class
Sigal Family Group

IsraelShaolin &Tai Chi  Class
 Pedram Rahdeirjoo
(One Year Course) 

NorwayWingchun&Baji & Chi kung Class
Hue Family
with three kids

ThailandShaolin &Tai Chi  Class
(Three month course)

FranceShaolin &Taichi &Chikung Class
Marine Cosseron de Villenoisy  
(Five month course)

France Wing chun & Qigong Class
Helena Ros Gilbert  
(Six month course)

IcelandShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Clement Garadier  
(One and Half Year course)

FranceWing chun &Taichi & BajiClass
Andrea Marlière
and Philipp (Mother and Son)

GermanyTai Chi and Shaolin Class
Adeline &Chris
One Year and Half Course

Sweden Shaolin &Sanda&Taichi Class
Groups of 21 students
from American school  

USAShaolin& Sanda &Wingchun Class
Ismail Ali  
(Three month course)

SwedenShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Andrew Plitt & Quentin
(One Year course)

USA& FranceWing Chi&Qigong &Taichi Class
Bhati Himmat singh  
(One Year course)

IndiaShaolin&Chinese kickboxing

Morais Carneiro Patricia  
(Thirteen months course)

PortugalWing chun&Baji &Taichi Class
Simon Lo March
(Four month course)

AustraliaShaolin& Chikung &Taichi Class
Sandrine Family
(Group of three )

FranceTai Chi class & Shaolin&Chikung Class
Dimitrios &  Romina
(One Year Course)

Greece and  Canada Shaolin &Sanda& Chikung Class

(One Year and Half course)

FranceWing chun & Baji &Chi KungClass
Christopher John Tenuta

(One Year course)

 AustraliaShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class

Students'  testimonials in 2016 Year

Arif and Zainul

(Five months course)

 Tanzania Shaolin& Sanda &Chi Kung Class
Pankaj & Svenjia

(Three months course)

 India &SwitzerlandShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Javier Andres Barahona

(Six months course)

 Guatemala Wing chun&Baji&Chi kung Class
Andrew& ESTHER
(Three months course)

South Africa&AustriaShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Julie & Le Cornet
(Two months course)

FranceShaolin& Sanda &Chi Kung Class
Mark  (Two months course)

Australia Shaolin & Tai Chi Class
Kerr Danny
(Three weeks course)

CanadaPray Mantis &Chi Kung Class
Lewis & Vishal
(Two months course)

Australia & UK Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Lucy Cokayne
(Six months course)

EnglandShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Anais Livet
(One Year Course)

FranceWing chun &Chi Kung Class
Nick & Andrey
(Two months course)

Australia & UK Shaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Tom & Arne
(Four months course)

Holland &Estonia Shaolin& Sanda &chi kung Class
Keith Couple (Three months course)

& Samantha family(Sister&brother)

 UK & HollandShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Mahir & Kaash

 (One Year course-Family group)

 UKShaolin& Sanda &Taichi Class
Jordan and Melvin

 (One month summer course)
FranceShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
Or Steiner
 (Four weeks course)

 Israel Tai chi & Chi kung Class
Benjamin&  Daram
 (Eight-month course )

 USA& UKShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
Livi   (One and Half Year course) 

 & Wesley (Four week course)

 UK& USAWing chun& Baji& Taichi Class

Kinga Family with Kid 
 (One-month course )

PolandShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class
Asseja family 
(Three-weeks course )

Ethiopia Shaolin& Sanda & Chi kungClass

Skaftie Family (One month)
&Gabrile (Six month course )

 Italy&IcelandWing chun& Baji& Taichi Class

Belinda (two month course)

& Tim (One YEAR course)

USA & FranceShaolin & Sanda & Taichi Class

Rebecca Anderfuhren
 (Ten-month course )

 SwitzerlandShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class
Hassna &  Lea
 (Three-month course )

 French & Slovene Shaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class

Loc - Returning student 
(Two Years course )

FranceWing chun &Baji& Chikung Course
Dan Family
(Four weeks course )

 IsraelShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Philine Hirschheydt ( Three-month course )

(will return for one Year

 SwitzerlandShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Cerelia   (Ten-month course )

 USAShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
 Samuel Dusatko 
 (One Year course )

 UKWing chun &Baji& Taichi Course
Laura Jane (Three-month course )
Will return for One year in 2017

 UkShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
David Robb (Five-month course )

EnglandWing chun &Baji& Chikung Course
John Chin
(One Year course )

UKWing chun &Taichi& Chikung Course
Florian De Smet  (Six-month course )

 BelguimShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
Thomas (Two-month course )

 UKWing chun &Baji& Taichi Course
 Obim & Marisol
 (Five-month course )

Sweden & MexicoShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
Group study (from American school)

USAShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
Sam  (seven-month course )

BelguimShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Class
(One year course )

Israel Wing Tsun&Baji & Taichi Class
Joshua &Nicolas
(Six month course )

USA & FranceShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class
David  (One Year course )

GermanyShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Class
Michael & Bo
(Four month course )

Sweden & HollandShaolin &Sanda& Taichi Class
Robert Burns  (Six weeks course )

USAShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Aaron Yoshida 
 (One Year course )

 AmericaWing chun &Baji& Chikung
Rory & Faisal- Returning student
(Five month course )

 UK&SaudiShaolin &Sanda& Chikung

Students' Reviews in 2015

Bram  (Two-month course )

HollandShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Course
Karin &Alessandra (Two month course )

 Belgium & ItalyShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Friso  (3rd time to return) 
 (Two month training)
 HollandWing chun&Chikung

Giovanni  family with Two kids 
 (One Year training)

 Columbia&AustraliaShaolin& Sanda & Chikung Course

Jason (Three months course )

EnglandShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Mohan (Two months course )

 IndiaShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Andreas & Kephren (One month course )

 UK & FranceShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Ariel Pablos (Two years training)
Video of youtube inside

Wing chun&Baji&Chikung

Sanda and Taichi Course

Jack Christopher  ( Two months course)

 NewzealandShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Thanh & Olivia  ( Two months course)

 Hungary &SwitzerlandShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Thomas & Enno( Seven months course)

 Holland &GermanyShaolin& Sanda & Chigong Course
Cesbron ( One Year course)

 FranceShaolin& Qigong Course
Myrddrina ( Three months course)

 FranceShaolin& Sanda & Taichi Course
Gundula Klaas 


Wing chun&Taichi Course

Gleb & Magnus
 (Returning student)
 Canada & Denmark

Shaolin&Sanda& TaichiCourse

Austin& Leandro (Three months course)

 Brazil &AustraliaShaolin&Sanda& Qigong Course
Saray& Basil (One year and seven
 months course)

Spain and JordanWing chun and Baji and Chikung Course

Duncan& Daniel (returning students)

 Ireland& DenmarkShaolin&Sanda &Taichi Course
Hannah (Ten Months course)

 USAShaolin&Sanda&Chi kung Class
Lars Svenssor (One year training)


Wing chun&Baji& Taiji course

Group of Three ( Three -months training)

 France & Italy

Shaolin&Sanda&Xingyi course

Benjamin Rigal  (Four-months training)

 FranceWing chun&Baji&Chikung class
Galitch Niels Coltrane 
( Eight-months )


Shaolin&Sanda&Chikung course

Philipp & Andy  
(Four months course)

 Austria & UK

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course

Natinella &Aivar 
(Six months class )

 Israel & Esthonia

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course

Cedric & Mario 
(Five months )

Belguim & Austria

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course

Stasi Francesco  (Two-months )


Wing chun&Baji&Chikung

Students'  testimonial in 2014

Sergio & Yana   (Six month training) Netherlands & Germany

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course

Father  &Son (Three weeks training) Australia

Shaolin&Sanda&Chikung course

Fabienue &Stephen    (Five months)
 Switzerland& France

Wing chun&Baji&Taichi course

 Ash Samudre    (Two months)

Mantis&Bagua& Qigong class

Mathias&Lauren &Michael   (Three months)
 UK& France

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course

Jonathan couple    (Nine months)
 Canada ,Quebec

Wing chun&Baji&Chikung course

Sebina&Ocean (Three weeks course) 

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course

Philip  (Two months training)  

Mantis&Bagua& Qigong class

 Adam &Lucy (One month training)   UK

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course

 Charles & Emmanuel  (returning student)
   (One Year Course)
 Canada& France

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class


 Julia &Benjamin (Three month course)



 Stephanie (Three Months course)


Mantis&Bagua& Taichi class

 Friso Halbeitsmce (returning student)
(Two Months course)

Wudang and Qigong course


 Family Group (One Month course) USA

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course


 Oleg &Michael   - One Year training Ukraine& USA

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class


 Tschopp Helene   (Four weeks course) Switzerland

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course


 Siyu & Ethan & Nico   (returning students)
(Three months training)

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course


 Nicholas  (Six Months course); South Africa

Mantis&Bagua& Taichi class


 Robort & Jones   (Three Months course) Australia & Mauritius

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class


 Mukulia & Metta   (One Month course) Kenya and Sweden

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course


 Ian &Tom   (returning student)
(Nine months course)

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course


Charles&Zugec   (Three Months course) France &Slovakia

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class


Kirsten & Tara  (Three Months course) Denmark&Mexico

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course


James Awarado (One Year course) Belguim

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi class


Nick  and  DJ (One Year course) Holland&UK

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course


David and Angela(four weeks course)
(Video inside)

Shaolin&Sanda&Taiji course


Julia and Terry (Seven Months course) German &  Australia

Wingchun &Baji&Taichi


Rusmus and Nathan (Three Months course) Demark&

Shaolin Meihua course


Quinn and Virginia (Six Months course)

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong class

Roger and clement (Six Months course) 

(returning student)


Wingchun&Baji&  Taichi


Ahamed and Diana (Six Months course) Egypt&Mexico

Shaolin&Sanda&Qigong course


 Laura and Kenny (Two Months course) USAShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course

Adan&Sheldon  (Five Months course)

Singapore&  Canada

Wingchun&Baji&Taichi class


Kelly (Two Months course)

 New ZealandMantis&Bagua& Chikung class

  Students' training Reviews in 2013          


Click here to see full Reviews from July to Dec in 2013 


Gaspard &Luke France&UKShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Brennon and Philli
 Canada&NorwayWingchun&Baji&Taichi class
Dean & James UKInternal kung fu classes
Lochlann& Davi (returning student) Australia &ColombiaMantis&Bagua& chikung class
Lucy & Praveano France&UKShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Aaron &Juan USA &SpainWingtsun &Baji&Taichi class
Guillemette& laura UK&BelgiumInternal kung fu classes
Brandon & Joshua USA&South  AfricaMantis&Bagua& chikung class
Gnanendran& Rafael(returning student) Uk&BrazilShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Jenath & Robin UK&GermanyShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Ulrich & Sebasti
                    (returning student)

Mantis&Bagua& chikung class
Andre SwitzerlandShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Richard (Team of Four) AustriaShaolin&Sanda&TaiChi class
Avega &MelissaUSA&IndonesiaMantis&Bagua& chikung class
Adam UKWingchun&Baji&Taichi class
Three kids USAShaolin&Sanda&TaiChi class
Williams Jeffre USAWingchun&Baji&Taichi class
Carlos MexicoMantis&Bagua&Taichi class
Couple (68 years old) ColumbiaTaichi & Chi kung course
Group of ThreeAustralia& USAShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Team of eightAustriaDifferent kinds of classes
Andronikos&Jonathan  Cyprus&DenmarkShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Sander&Jimmy Holland&FranceShaolin&Sanda&taichi course
Jackie YoonKoreaWingchun&Baji&Taichi class
OliviaCanadaWingchun&Baji&Chikung class
Laurent & Nilcola France&DenmarkShaolin&Sanda&Qigong course
Peter & DanielHolland &DenmarkShaolin&Sanda&Taichi course
Nadine & TonyUKMantis&Bagua&Taichi class
Laurence (returning student) FranceMantis&Bagua&Taichi class
 Van Krie(returning student) BelgiumShaolin&Taichi&Chikung class
OrlandoUSAMantis&Bagua&Taichi class
Thomas Honnore FranceWing chun&Chi kung &Taichi Course
Andres & Marc  Columbia & SwedenShaolin&Sanda&Chikung course
Tom Philip (returning student) BelgiumShaolin&Sanda&Chikung course
Mathias Volpe  USAShaolin&Chikung&Taiji course
Yu Jung Jeni & Brother(returning students) KoreaShaolin&Sanda&Chikung course
James Kilmer USATai Chi&Baji&Chikung class
Ishan & Andrey (third time to come ) UK&RussiaYongchun &Baji&TaiChi class

Students' Kung Fu training experiences Reviews of 2012

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Amy VanSouth AfricaShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Claire GerardUSAShaolin&Sanda&Taichi class
Neal HertzkeGermanyWingchun&Baji&TaiChi class
KimberlyUSAShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Group of Six studentsSwitzerlandWingchun&Baji&Chikung class
Mathieu&SebastienFranceShaolin&TaiChi&Chikung class
Diana&MarijkeMexico&HolandShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Luke(returning student) New ZealandWingchun&Baji&TaiChi class
Zohra&KristaDubai&CanadaShaolin&Sanda&TaiChi class
UK Family of threeUKWingchun&Shaolin class
Elliot(returning student)UKMantis&Bagua&Taichi class
James&NedaUK&GermanyMantis&Bagua&Taichi class
Phillip(returning student) GermanyShaolin&Sanda&TaiChi class
Sam(returning student)UkWingchun&Baji&TaiChi class
DARRYL AustraliaWingchun&&Mantis&Bagua class
USA Family groupUSAShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
A family group of FourUKDifferent kung fu classes
Lancine BARBARA (returning student)FranceShaolin&Sanda&Chi kung class
Gruba-Wilk AdriaCanadaWingchun&Baji&TaiChi class
Fredrick OlsenNorwayShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Zachary and ShunjirocUSAShaolin&Sanda&TaiChi class
Father and Two sonsUSAShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Sheridan&NoahAustralia&USAShaolin&Sanda&TaiChi class
JasperBelgiumMantis &Bagua &Taichi class
Josh&brotherIcelandShaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Amit&MattUK&USAShaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Clement&AntonFranceShaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Mel&Eliot&Mathias (returning student)Iceland&FranceMantis &Bagua&Taichi class
Daniell&SteffenUSA&GermanyShaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Cheryl&MattCanadaMantis &Bagua &Taichi class
Forster&TimboGermany&UkShaolin&Sanda&Chi kungclass
Shaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Russell&DalbarUKShaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Mohammed ShahabUKWingchun&Baji&Tai Chi class
Kristinn&GerardIcelandShaolin &Chi Kung class


Students' Kung Fu training experiences of 2011


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Tara(A family of Four)UK&CanadaShaolin&Sanda&Chi Kung class
Chris&AndrewUSA&AustraliaMantis &Bagua &Tai Chi class
Shaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Abby&Martin&JamesUK&IrelandShaolin&Sanda class
Montrel&JonathanUSA&GermanyShaolin&Sanda&Tai Chi class
Ankur&PrateekIndiaShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Laurie&BrittanyUSAMantis &Bagua &Tai Chi class
Clement&Orane(returning student)FranceWingchun&Baji&Tai Chi clas
YasmineEnglandShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Luke&Donna&CharlesNewzealand&CanadaWingchun&Baji&Chikung clas
Dorel FischtainCanandaMantis &Bagua class
Kris&Angela(returning student)Belgium&GermanyShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Allan&TaylorUK&CanandaShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class

Phillip&Nana(returning student)


Germany&DenmarkShaolin&Sanda&Taichi class
Anders&WillAustralia&AmericaWingchun&Baji&Chikung clas
Natasha&Michael(Mother&son)AmericaShaolin&Sanda&Taichi class
Soren&Chris Denmark&UKShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Joseph&Abdul AmericaWingchun&Baji class
Loc&Celilia& Ellinor (returning student) France&SwedenShaolin&Sanda class
Isaac&Jakub Australia&CzechShaolin&Sanda class
Mikael&Gary Denmark&UKShaolin&Sanda&Chikung class
Ben&Cathal&TomFrance&Ireland&UKShaolin&Sanda class
Neville&AbhishekUKWingchun&Baji&Chikung class
Philippe&TinaIreland&DenmarkShaolin&Sanda class
Lagleize Michel FranceMantis &Bagua class
Andrew Plitt USAWingchun&Baji&Taichi class
Barnes&Samuel (returning student) UKWingchun&Baji&Taichi class
Monica CabrolPortugalShaolin&Sanda&Taichi class
Ignacio&Kaspar&Daniel(returning student)Spain&UKShaolin&Sanda class
2010 Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy Reviews 
Andrea&Gauret(returning student)Italy&FranceWingchun&Sanda&Taichi class
Magnus&MindaugasIceland&LithuaniaShaolin&Taichi class
Bucky &Arend USA&SingaporeShaolin&Sanda&Taichi class
Jaroslaw&EdmundPoland&UKShaolin&Sanda class
Varvounis&DavidFrance&Italy/USAShaolin&Sanda class
Romuald RacioppoFranceShaolin&Sanda class
WillUKMantis &Bagua &Taichi class
Bangar&DominicIndia&CanadaShaolin&Sanda class
LeopoldGermanShaolin&Sanda class
Sylvie&StuardUKShaolin&Baji class
Sylvie&Mavrick(mother &son) FranceShaolin&Taichi class
Agnes& ChrisFrance&DutchTaichi&Chikung&Shaolin class
Robert& CianUK&IrelandShaolin&mantis&Bagua class
Artem &JimRussia&UKWingchun&Baji&Taichi class
Guy AymardFranceShaolin&Chikung class
Sam(3rd time to come) AustraliaShaolin&Sanda&Taichi class

Students' kung fu training experiences of 2009

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Robert ParryUKWingchun&Mantis&Massage class
Sanjay&AlexisEnglandWingchun & Shaolin  class
Matt&SamAmerican&EnglandShaolin  class
SHAMIR & Chris England Wingchun & Baji & ChiKung class
Jean-Marie&ValjkoFrance&Serbia Shaolin  & Sanda class
Mother & her sons(3rd time to come)SingaporeShaolin & Taichi class
Morgan&Iain UKWingchun & Baji & ChiKung class
Niel&NickBritain&AustriaShaolin & Taichi & Sanda class
Dale(returning student)Britain Shaolin & Taichi & Sanda class
Jonas&MadsNorway Wingchun & Baji Taichi class
Carlos&DavidPortugal Wingchun & Baji class
Andrew&SeanEnglish&Scottish Shaolin  &Chi kung class
Katharina&JuliaGerman&Austria Shaolin & Taichi class
JulianEnglish Shaolin &Sanda  class
Tom&JonathanEnglish&American Mantis &Bagua &Xingyi Class
Carl kingscote(returning student)England Shaolin & Taichi class


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China Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy
Kunyu mountain Natural Conservation District, Yantai City,

Shandong Province, China. Postal Code: 264100

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Tel : 0086-535-4693197


Fax: 0086-535-4693598

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Learn traditional Shaolin martial arts and Chinese culture in Sacred Kunyu mountain,birthplace of Taoism.